About Us

Integrated Network Cabling: Your Trusted Partner for Network Infrastructure.

At Integrated Network Cabling, we’ve been building the foundation for success in the Information Technology industry for many years. We partner with both standalone IT providers and clients directly, delivering the very best in network infrastructure services.

Dedicated to providing the best possible service to clients of all sizes.

By choosing Integrated Network Cabling, you're choosing a partner who puts your success first. We provide reliable, future-proof network infrastructure solutions along with clear communication and a commitment to understanding your specific requirements

A Hands-On Approach Built on Experience:

Our founder, Gordon Daniells, leads by example. He remains actively involved in project management and even tackles smaller jobs himself. “This hands-on approach,” says Gordon, “gives our clients real confidence that we care. Because we truly do.”

Staying Ahead of the Curve:

Our team of skilled engineers embodies the company’s core values. We’re passionate about staying ahead of the technological curve. As Gordon puts it, “Our reputation and knowledge are our future. Both play a key role in remaining successful in this ever-changing marketplace.”

Flexible Solutions, Focused on You:

We understand that every business has unique needs. That’s why we offer flexible terms – from contract conditions to payment schedules – that are transparent and easy to understand. Finance Director Stephen emphasizes, “We understand business needs and managing expectations is key to building long-lasting, successful relationships. Our aim is to always stay in touch with your needs and adapt if necessary.”


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