Case Study

Streamlining Education at Haileybury School with Structured Cabling



Haileybury School, a renowned co-educational institution in England, prides itself on
offering a future-oriented learning environment. However, their legacy network
infrastructure, was due an upgrade to fulfil this vision. With slowing data transfer
speeds and aging connections, the scalability essential for the smooth operation of
technology in the classrooms, and the potential for innovative teaching methods,
required a robust solution. To address these challenges, Haileybury partnered with
Integrated Network Cabling Ltd to implement a structured cabling solution.


The Challenge

The existing cabling system at Haileybury consisted of various cable types and ages, resulting in:

These limitations would significantly have impacted the quality of education at if they had not been addressed. Students can now fully benefit from the potential of technology-aided learning, and faculty faced challenges in implementing innovative teaching methods, far into the 21st Century.

‘The implementation of OM4 & Category 6 cabling has been a game-changer for our institution. It has provided the foundation for a truly digital learning environment. Our students now have access to a more reliable, high-speed network, empowering them to explore and learn without limitations. This investment ensures we are well- equipped to embrace future advancements in education technology.’


The Solution

To address these issues, Haileybury opted for a structured cabling solution to include a Leviton OM4 CST grade Optical Fibre back-bone & a Draka UC Category 6 UTP horizontal cabling system. This involved:



The implementation of structured cabling at Haileybury School has yielded several significant benefits:



Haileybury School’s commitment to providing its students with a cutting-edge education extends beyond the curriculum. By implementing a structured cabling solution, the school has invested in a robust and future-proof network infrastructure. This not only addresses current challenges but also paves the way for continued innovation in teaching and learning. With a reliable and high-performance network, Haileybury empowers its students and faculty to embrace the full potential of technology in education.


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