Case Study

Techsolvers Solves Network Headaches with Structured Cabling Partner



Techsolvers, a leading IT solutions provider, was awarded a large-scale IT infrastructure upgrade project for a major corporation. The project involved installing a new network cabling system across multiple floors of the client’s office building.

Due to the project’s size and complexity, Techsolvers decided to partner with a data cabling subcontractor to ensure timely and efficient completion. After a thorough selection process, they chose Integrated Network Cabling, a reputable cabling company known for its expertise and quality workmanship.


Integrated Network Cabling’s Role

INC played a crucial role in the successful execution of the project. Their team of experienced data cabling technicians efficiently installed the new cabling system, adhering to all industry standards and best practices. They ensured:

  • Proper cable selection based on network requirements
  • Accurate cable routing and termination
  • Maintaining a clean and organised work area
  • Strict adherence to project timelines and budget


The Challenge

During the project, unforeseen challenges arose, such as encountering unexpected obstacles within the building structure. However, INC’s team displayed excellent problem-solving skills and collaborated effectively with Techsolvers to find solutions that minimised downtime and ensured project continuity.

"We were very impressed with Integrated Network Cabling 's professionalism and expertise throughout the project," said Phil Long, CEO at Techsolvers. "INC team's dedication and flexibility were instrumental in ensuring the successful completion of the IT infrastructure upgrade. We would highly recommend INC to any company seeking a reliable and qualified data cabling subcontractor."


Benefits of Using a Data Cabling Subcontractor



By partnering with a qualified data cabling subcontractor like INC, Techsolvers ensured the successful completion of their client’s IT infrastructure upgrade project. This case study demonstrates the value that subcontracting can bring to IT solution providers, enabling them to handle larger projects efficiently and deliver high-quality results to their clients.


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