Category 6a

Maximise your network's potential with our Cat 6a structured cabling installations.

Category 6a (Cat 6a) cabling excels in environments requiring high-performance networking over greater distances.

With double the bandwidth of Cat 6 at 500MHz and significantly reduced interference, Integrated Network Cabling’s Cat 6a installations ensure superior network reliability and speed, capable of supporting up to 100 meters of cable length without comprising on performance.

"We would highly recommend Integrated Network Cabling Ltd to any company seeking a reliable and qualified data cabling subcontractor"

– Phil Long, CEO at Techsolvers

Data Cabling: Category 6a

Doubling Network Capacity

The demand for rapid, more reliable network connections is ever-increasing. Integrated Network Cabling rises to meet these challenges with our cutting-edge Category 6a cabling solutions. Cat 6a, the advancement of Cat 6, offers an impressive 500MHz bandwidth, doubling the capacity and significantly enhancing the network’s ability to handle multiple high-demand applications simultaneously.

FIA accredited Cat6a cabling Installers


Extended Reach and Reliability

Cat 6a’s capability to support longer cable lengths – up to 100 meters – without a drop in performance makes it an ideal choice for larger installations such as campuses, large office buildings, and industrial facilities. This extended reach, combined with its superior interference mitigation, ensures that your network remains robust and reliable, even in environments with high levels of electromagnetic interference.


Custom Network Solutions

Our approach to installation is comprehensive and tailored to each client’s unique requirements. Our expert team conducts thorough assessments to design and implement a network infrastructure that not only meets today’s needs but is also prepared for tomorrow’s technological advancements. This foresight ensures that your investment is both strategic and future-proof.


High-Speed, High-Volume

The enhanced performance of Cat 6a is also critical for applications requiring high-speed data transfer, such as video surveillance, data centres, and multimedia streaming. The ability to transmit large volumes of data quickly and reliably over longer distances without compromising speed or quality is a testament to Cat 6a’s efficiency.


Ensuring Peak Performance

Furthermore, our commitment to quality extends beyond installation. We provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring your Cat 6a infrastructure continues to operate at peak efficiency. Our rigorous testing and certification process guarantees that your cabling system meets all industry standards and regulations, providing peace of mind and a solid foundation for your network operations. 


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The Cat 6a Commitment

Choosing Integrated Network Cabling for your Cat 6a installation means selecting a partner committed to delivering the highest standards of network performance and reliability.

Our expertise in advanced cabling solutions, combined with a meticulous approach to planning, installation, and maintenance, positions us as leaders in the field. Discover how our full range of data cabling services can enhance your network’s capabilities, supporting your business’s growth and technological evolution today.