Blown Fiber

Our blown fiber optic cabling solutions provide a forward-thinking approach to network design.

Integrated Network Cabling's blown fibre solutions offer unparalleled flexibility and scalability for your network infrastructure.

Ideal for rapidly changing network environments, this service ensures easy upgrades and expansions without the need for extensive re-cabling.

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Blown Fiber

Future-Proof Networking

Nowadays, network infrastructures must be both flexible and scalable to accommodate future growth and technological advancements. INC’s blown fibre optic solutions provide a forward-thinking approach to network design, allowing for easy scalability and minimal disruption when upgrading or expanding your network. Blown fibre technology involves installing empty conduit tubes throughout a building, through which fibre optic cables can be blown using compressed air, as and when needed.

Benefits of Blown Fiber


Cost-Effectiveness and Flexibility

This innovative approach offers several advantages over traditional cabling methods. Firstly, it massively reduces the initial cost and disruption of installing a comprehensive fibre network, as fibres can be added or replaced without the need to lay new cabling infrastructure. This not only makes future upgrades quicker and more cost-effective but also minimises the environmental impact of network installations.


Scalable Design

Secondly, blown fibre installations offer unrivalled flexibility in network design. As the demands on your network increase, additional fibres can be easily blown into existing conduits, supporting higher bandwidths or new services without the need for physical infrastructure changes. This method is particularly beneficial for facilities that anticipate rapid technological changes or expansion, such as data centres, hospitals and universities.


Comprehensive Services

Our blown fibre services encompass the entire process from initial design and installation of conduit infrastructure to the blowing of fibres and final network activation. Our expertise ensures that your system is optimised for both current and future needs, providing a scalable solution that can adapt to the evolving demands of your organisation.


Enhancing Network Reliability

Moreover, the use of blown fibre greatly enhances the reliability and performance of your network. By protecting the fibre within conduits, the risk of damage and subsequent downtime is significantly reduced. Additionally, this method allows for the use of the latest fibre optic technologies, ensuring your network operates at the highest possible efficiency.


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Investing in Scalable Blown Fiber

Integrated Network Cabling's blown fiber solutions represent the pinnacle of network infrastructure flexibility.

By choosing our services, you’re investing in a future-proof network that can easily adapt to new technologies and growing bandwidth requirements. Explore how our installations can transform your network infrastructure, providing the agility and performance necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic technological landscape.