OM4 Multi Mode Fiber

Leverage the next level of network performance with OM4 multi-mode fibre from Integrated Network Cabling, designed for high-speed data centres and enterprise networks.

Integrated Network Cabling's OM4 multi-mode fibre offers an enhanced networking solution with greater bandwidth and extended reach for high-speed data transmission.

Perfect for data centres, enterprise networks, and high-performance computing environments, OM4 fibre ensures optimal performance for 40G/100G Ethernet applications over distances up to 400 meters.

"The implementation of OM4 & Category 6 cabling has been a game-changer for our institution"
– Duncan Spooner-Wells, Director of IT

Fibre Optic Cabling: OM4 Multi Mode

High-Speed Network Infrastructures

In the rapidly evolving digital era, the demand for faster and more reliable network infrastructures is relentless. Integrated Network Cabling addresses this challenge head-on with its OM4 multi-mode fibre optic cabling, designed to meet and exceed the requirements of modern high-speed data networks. OM4 fibre represents an evolution in multi-mode technology, offering increased bandwidth, longer transmission distances, and superior reliability for 40G and 100G Ethernet applications.

Advanced OM4 Multi Mode Fibre


Enhanced Bandwidth and Distance

OM4 fibre distinguishes itself with a 50 micrometer core that facilitates higher bandwidth transmission over longer distances compared to OM3, making it ideally suited for data centres, large enterprise networks, and any application requiring high-volume, high-speed data transmission. With support for transmission distances up to 400 meters for 40G Ethernet and up to 150 meters for 100G Ethernet, OM4 significantly enhances network scalability.


Advanced Performance

The deployment of OM4 multi-mode fibre by INC is a strategic choice for organisations looking to future-proof their network infrastructure. As the volume of data transmitted over networks continues to grow, driven by cloud computing, streaming services, and other bandwidth-intensive applications, the need for a robust, high-bandwidth backbone becomes increasingly critical. OM4 fibres’ superior performance characteristics ensure that your network can handle today’s data loads while being prepared for tomorrow’s advancements.


Next-Level Networking

Our comprehensive approach to the installation process comprises meticulous planning, precise execution, and rigorous testing to ensure that your network infrastructure is not only up to current standards, but also ready for future upgrades. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering turnkey solutions that optimise network performance, reliability, and scalability instantly.


Investing in OM4 Fibre

Choosing OM4 means investing in a state-of-the-art network that supports high-speed data transmission with unparalleled reliability. This investment not only enhances your current network capabilities but also positions your infrastructure for seamless integration with emerging technologies. Whether upgrading an existing network or building a new one, OM4 fibre offers the bandwidth, speed, and reach needed to support even the most demanding applications.


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The Keystone of Modern Networking

Integrated Network Cabling’s OM4 multi-mode fibre is the optimal solution for organisations requiring the highest levels of network performance and reliability.

With its ability to support advanced Ethernet applications over extended distances, OM4 fibre provides a scalable, high-bandwidth infrastructure that meets the needs of today’s data-driven world. 

Additionally, discover how our broader range of fibre optic options can elevate your network’s performance today, ensuring your organisation remains competitively positioned at all times.