OM5 Multi Mode Fiber

Designed for next-gen 100G/400G applications and beyond.

Integrated Network Cabling's OM5 multi-mode fibre represents the pinnacle of fibre optic technology, offering unmatched bandwidth and range for next-gen network applications.

 Ideal for environments demanding ultra-high-speed data transmission, OM5 supports advanced 100G and 400G applications, ensuring your infrastructure is fully future-proofed.

"This investment ensures we are well-equipped to embrace future advancements in education technology"

– Duncan Spooner-Wells, Director of IT

Fibre Optic Cabling: OM5 Multi Mode

Rapid Data Transmission

To support exponentially growing data volumes and transmission speeds, the requirements for general network infrastructure are becoming increasingly stringent. Integrated Network Cabling’s OM5 multi-mode fibre optic solutions are specifically engineered to address these future demands, providing a robust platform for ultra-high-speed data transmission that can support emerging 100G and 400G applications over extended distances.

OM5 Multi Mode Fibre


Leveraging WDM

OM5 multi-mode fibre, the latest advancement in optic technology, is designed to capitalise upon the capabilities of wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM), a technology that allows for multiple signals to be transmitted simultaneously over the same fibre, dramatically increasing the network’s bandwidth capacity. With this enhanced bandwidth and the ability to support multiple wavelengths, OM5 can accommodate the requirements of future data communications and networking applications everywhere.


Excellent Scalability

Our OM5 solutions aren’t just about meeting current demands, but are a strategic investment in the scalability of your network. OM5 fibre’s advanced characteristics make it an ideal choice for large-scale data centres, enterprise networks, and telecommunications, where the ability to efficiently manage large volumes of data is absolutely crucial.


Precision in Installation

The installation of OM5 involves a comprehensive approach comprising detailed planning, precise execution, and thorough testing to guarantee the highest standards of performance and reliability. Our team leverages cutting-edge techniques such as Blown Fibre to deploy OM5 cabling systems designed to meet the specific needs of each client and ensure optimal, enduring performance across the board.


The Next Digital Transformation

Choosing OM5 for your network infrastructure means preparing your organisation for the next wave of digital transformation. With its superior transmission capabilities and support for advanced applications, OM5 provides a future-proof foundation that can adapt to technological advancements on a whim, ensuring your network remains at peak performance.


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Haileybury School

Education Case Study

The Future of Networking

OM5 multi-mode fibre is the ultimate solution for organisations requiring the highest levels of network performance, scalability, and forward-thinking.

By embracing OM5 fibre, you’re investing in an infrastructure capable of supporting the most advanced data transmission technologies, preparing your network for success in the era of high-speed digital communications. 

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