OS1 Single Mode Fiber

Ideal for long-distance, high-bandwidth applications.

Integrated Network Cabling's OS1 single mode fibre offers unparalleled performance for long-distance and high-bandwidth applications.

Designed for backbone, metropolitan, and long-haul network connections, OS1 fibre ensures superior signal integrity and performance over distances exceeding 10 kilometres.

"Our investment in Integrated Network Cablings structured cabling system, proved to be a strategic decision, enabling us to achieve a more scalable, efficient, and secure network infrastructure"

– Vince Mignacca, CEO, Redsquid

Fibre Optic Cabling: OS1 Single Mode

Bridging Distances

In today’s globalised world, the ability to transmit data over long distances without loss of signal quality is completely essential. Integrated Network Cabling’s OS1 single mode fibre optic solutions are specifically designed to meet the demands of extensive network infrastructures, such as metropolitan area networks (MANs), wide area networks (WANs), and long-haul communications. OS1 fibre is the optimal choice for applications requiring high-speed data transmission over great distances, providing a reliable and efficient means of connecting disparate networks seamlessly.

OS1 Fibre Cabling Installations


The Technical Edge

OS1 single mode fibre stands out for its narrow core diameter, which allows it to carry a single light mode. This unique property minimises signal attenuation and dispersion over long distances, making it possible to achieve higher bandwidth and longer transmission distances compared to multi-mode fibre options. OS1 is capable of supporting data transmission rates of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps), making it ideal for the backbone of high-speed networks that require the transfer of large volumes of data across metropolitan or even transcontinental distances.


Future-Ready Networks

The strategic deployment of OS1 addresses the critical needs of modern networks, including the demand for reliable long-distance communication and the capacity to support future network expansions and technological advancements. Our comprehensive OS1 solutions encompass detailed network planning, professional installation, rigorous testing, and certification to ensure that your infrastructure meets the highest standards of performance and reliability, always.


Next-Gen Connectivity

Opting for OS1 is a decision to invest in a network infrastructure that is not only robust and capable of meeting current demands, but also forward-looking and ready for the next generation of telecommunications. Whether it’s for connecting data centres, deploying a metropolitan area network, or establishing long-haul communication links, OS1 fibre offers the performance, reliability, and scalability needed to support the most demanding applications.


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Foundation for the Future

Integrated Network Cabling's OS1 single mode fibre provides the foundation for building high-performance, long-distance network infrastructures that are capable of supporting today's high-bandwidth applications and tomorrow's technological advancements.

With its superior signal integrity and capacity for long-distance transmission, OS1 fibre is the ideal choice for organisations looking to expand their network’s reach while maintaining the highest levels of data transmission quality and reliability. 

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