Industrial Sector

Copper and Fibre Optic solutions for seamless data transmission across critical industrial applications.

We provide custom data cabling solutions specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions and meet the unique needs of industrial facilities. Our tailored cabling systems ensure uninterrupted communication between critical equipment, control systems, and workstations, enabling real-time data access and streamlined operations.

Scale Up, Stay Connected: Custom Cabling Solutions for Growing Industrial Needs.


Powering Industrial Operations

As automation and interconnected machinery become increasingly prevalent in the industrial world, a suitable data cabling system is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. That’s why INC offers a broad range of cabling, including high-quality Copper and Fibre Optic options for seamless data transmission across critical applications. Having data flow you can rely on means safe operation of machinery, real-time monitoring of production lines, and seamless communication between equipment, ultimately optimising your operations and increasing productivity.


Maximising Efficiency

Even brief interruptions in industrial operations can have a negative impact on production schedules and therefore – profits. This considered, we aim to minimise downtime during installations by offering flexible scheduling and out-of-hours work to accommodate your needs and minimise disruption to your processes. With our skilled technicians working around the clock, our aim is always to get your company back in full operation as quickly as possible.


Future-Proofing Your Industry

New technologies and automation processes are emerging all the time. As such, our services are designed to be scalable and adaptable, allowing for future growth. We offer Blown Fibre installation for intricate floor-plans within factories and warehouses, guaranteeing efficient data flow even in the most complex of layouts. We also perform thorough Fluke Testing for peak network performance and eliminate potential issues that could hinder latter operations. Our commitment to longevity means your data infrastructure remains a reliable asset for years to come.


Unparalleled Expertise

Beyond simply installing cables, we provide one-stop solutions for all of your industrial requirements. Rest assured, our technicians have a deep understanding of various industrial environments and the individual challenges they present. INC also collaborates closely with clients to design systems that seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and equipment. Through this ongoing cooperation, you can be sure that your network is constantly running at optimal levels, and therefore be actively encouraged to leverage your network’s full potential.


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Elevating Networks

Our OS2 solutions offer the ultimate in long-distance, high-capacity network connectivity.

With its exceptional performance characteristics and suitability for a wide range of critical applications, OS2 fibre is the ideal choice for organisations looking to build or upgrade their infrastructure to global standards. Explore the transformative potential of our full fibre optic cabling services now, and learn how they can upgrade your network, ensuring your organisation’s connectivity needs are met now and well into the future.