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Boost Your Business with high-performance Copper and Fibre Optic cabling for seamless data transmission.

Keep your office connected with future-proof cabling. Our flexible installations mean your business can keep operating at peak performance, at all times.

Future-Proof Office Data Cabling: The Backbone of a Connected and Thriving Business.


Guaranteeing Seamless Workflow

We’re all aware that downtime due to network issues can hinder productivity and cost businesses valuable time and resources. Luckily, INC offers high-quality Copper and Fibre Optic cabling for seamless data transmission and uninterrupted workflow. Our rock-solid networks allow employees to collaborate effectively, access critical information instantly, and stay connected with clients constantly.


Minimising Disruption

INC recognises minimising installation disruptions is crucial for maintaining your brand’s high service standards and positive client interactions. That’s why we offer flexible, out-of-hours installation. Our technicians work quickly to complete the job in good time, facilitating the smooth transition into your new network infrastructure. With us, clear communication throughout the process is a top priority, along with keeping any potential inconveniences to a minimum.


Growth and Scalability

Your business needs are constantly evolving, so your network infrastructure should too. Designed to be scalable and adaptable, our networks can accommodate additional workstations, increased data traffic, and emerging technologies with ease. We also offer Blown Fibre installation for complex layouts, maintaining first-rate data transmission even in sprawling, multi-floor buildings. Additionally, we’re able to perform Fluke Testing to eliminate potential bottlenecks that could otherwise hinder your growth as a business.


Seamless Integration Process

Our technicians have a solid understanding of common office layouts and the specific challenges they present. With this in mind, we design systems that flawlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure. This approach means optimal performance becomes the new normal, leaving you safe in the knowledge you’re able to leverage the full potential of your office network at all times.


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Elevating Networks

Our OS2 solutions offer the ultimate in long-distance, high-capacity network connectivity.

With its exceptional performance characteristics and suitability for a wide range of critical applications, OS2 fibre is the ideal choice for organisations looking to build or upgrade their infrastructure to global standards. Explore the transformative potential of our full fibre optic cabling services now, and learn how they can upgrade your network, ensuring your organisation’s connectivity needs are met now and well into the future.